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As a world leading expert in CRM & loyalty marketing, we provide effective MarTech solutions to a range of top brands in the world. With precise member marketing and operation solutions, we empower brands to gain new growth in multi-channels.

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Deep diving into member marketing management, serving as the bridge between brands and members loyalty.

CRM 4.0 Product Family Powered by AI

Empower brands to gain new growth in multi-channels
Fides Cloud
Omni-channel CRM for brands private traffic

An easy-to-use & all-round CRM system integrated with flexible points engine, marketing automation and smart reporting, covering the full lifecycle of members, empowering every stage in member marketing. The simple and intuitive interface design allows fast and efficient management of client data, the omni-channel marketing automation promotes brands business growth, the visualized reporting make marketing results easily comprehensible.

Omni-channel data integration

Member 360 view

Campaign automation

Intelligent visualized report

SaaS model agile operation

Fides Clienteling
Empower the store BAs to increase member loyalty

Seamless omni-channel data synchronization to assist precise member management for the store sales team, making it possible for 1-to-1 real-time communication between BAs and members, for personalized product recommendation hence improved marketing effectiveness, and for the ultimate shopping experiences of the customers. Incentives/rewards and online trainings for BAs to improve business expertise, ensuring store KPI archived.

Data-driven independent marketing

KPI tracking on-the-go

Data-driven & retention

BA motivation & training

Team empowerment with innovation

Smart InChain
Data empowers full business circle

AI-driven data empowers full business circle via WeChat mini-program, connecting brands, dealers, stores and consumers, filling the information gap, building shared traffic pools, and ultimately improving business operation efficiency and consumer shopping experience across all aspects.

Empowerment of dealers

Empowerment of brands

Empowerment of stores

Empowerment of consumers

Fides Portal
24-hour member service closing the gap between brands and members

A mobile membership portal allowing members to check transactions, use coupons, redeem points, book appointments etc. through WeChat mini-program or mobile app. Brand news are updated on real-time basis for seamless communication between brands and members, continuously increasing the brand loyalty through smart membership management.

Transaction history

Points redemption

Coupon sharing

Appointment booking

Brand news

Case Study

Revisit classical case study, deep dive into different industries

Empower thousands of top brands in the world

Connecting brands, merchants and consumers

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