AI-Driven Recommendations For the Ever-changing consumers
Driven by the cutting-edge AI technology, identify the complex preferences and behaviors of the customers. Make ‘Guess You Like’ more precise, powerful and easier to use!

AI Reco-Engine

The advance in AI technology drives growth in MarTech to create an increasing number of possibilities in marketing practices. Conventional marketing focused on large scale audience reach, however, big-data driven marketing diverts the key towards targeting and personalization. By applications of AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing and knowledge maps, all key marketing stages are empowered to achieve cost reduction, efficiency optimization and potentials realization. AI technology will continue its evolutionary impacts in marketing in the future.

Edenred China launched the full-spectrum AI Reco-Engine solution as a consolidated product of both the latest AI technology and the data learnings from cluster & product association analysis. The solution derives deeper insights from the fragmented and diverse consumption and behavior data, and in turn delivers more accurate personalized recommendations to the customers, even customized communication contents based on their lifecycle analysis.

Strong AI processing in combination with machine learning for continuous algorithm optimization
Fast collection and analysis of omni-channel big data, 360° insights and dynamic personalization labeling
Omni-channel precise recommendation
Flexible applications on official websites, online stores, WeChat mini-programs etc.
Deep insights of transactional and behavioral data
Fast collection and analysis of fragmented, diverse consumption and behavior data


Strong AI processing capability allows fast collection and analysis of omni-channel big data, self-iteration and evolvement through machine learning, and continuous optimization of the algorithms, making it possible to identify the ever-changing consumer behaviors, in turn to achieve significant cost reduction and performance improvement in brand marketing.

Based on multi-level prediction algorithms, AI Reco-Engine picks products with the highest conversion rate from the database based on members shopping preferences. As compared to conventional data engine designed with manual algorithms, AI Reco-Engine is powered by machine learning capabilities to dynamically update user tags, resulting in x5 accuracy rate*. [ Accuracy rate: rate of recommended products aligning with purchased products].

AI Reco-Engine provides the more precise member marketing and data insights, together with Campaign Master, Edenred’s other solution, the intelligent marketing combination brings marketing efficiency to reach new heights.

  • AI
  • Precise insights
  • Dynamic personalized tags
  • Machine learning
  • Consumption & behavior analysis
  • Guess You Like
  • Complex user attributes
  • Personalized communication
  • Omni-channel data collection
  • Pearson coefficient
  • Behavior prediction
  • Performance monitoring
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