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Consulting Analysis process

Consulting Analysis

As a MarTech expert in the CRM and loyalty marketing fields, we have exclusive tools and professional consulting teams to identify and solve business challenges for companies, and to improve the performance of loyalty marketing.

Data Consulting

From omni-channel data collection, data analysis, member segmentation, to machine learning, insights and marketing automation, our data experts can help you simplify the scenarios to extract extra values from the data.
Data collection
  • Member profile
  • Transactional data (online & offline)
  • Intelligent shopping guide data
  • Campaign data
  • Social media data
  • Website browsing data
  • APP data
  • Member survey
  • Call center/customer service record
  • 3rd party data etc.
  • Dynamic tagging lifecycle path change
  • Lifecycle management model & analysis
  • Lifecycle value forecasting & evaluation
  • ROI analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Campaign report
  • Repeat purchase forecasting
  • Member churn alerting model
  • Predictive conversion model with funnel analysis
  • Multi-dimensional cross-channel customer behavior
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer profile
  • Customer behavior migration
  • Customer journey
  • Product association
  • Lifecycle management/optimizing/operation
  • Real-time campaign plan optimization
  • Intelligent shopping guide tool design/operation
  • Marketing automation
  • Automatic triggered campaign communication
  • A.I. recommendation

Business Consulting

Global vision, local practice. We provide mid- to long-term growth solutions to brands based on the learnings of hundreds of hands-on use cases.
Strategy Consulting
We ensure deep understanding of your business needs to design custom solutions for you. Our experienced CRM and loyalty marketing consulting team are equipped with exclusive tools, professional insights and profound experiences to help you with everything around strategy consulting, including a series strategic recommendation over positioning, vision, recruitment, tagging, segmentation, marketing design and communication tips, helping you achieve the next business success.
Tactical Consulting
Our professional consulting teams provide you with detailed tactical consultation and execution plans. Tailored to your business needs, we not only deliver high-quality customized solutions, but also ensure highly efficient implementations. The rules, processes and strategic plans designed are based on years of service experiences from our loyalty marketing experts, reflecting learnings and best practices of past success cases.

Effective Consulting Tools

01RPV© Matrix

RPV© Matrix can help identify if the program is recognized in the market, is creating pride and is maximizing the value of membership.

02Trust 6© Matrix

Can help you identify to what extent your clients or partners trust you (or not…)

  • Authenticity
  • Loyalty
  • Competency
  • Coherence
  • Flexibility
  • Visibility

Consulting Case Study

Microsoft (China) social media member analysis

  • Identify and analyze member behaviors
  • Find out the reasons behind
  • Provide detailed action plans

CRM Diagnosis deriving brand
insights past, present and future

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