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Edenred China As The Participant Of Smart Retail Summit 2019



Edenred China, as the leader in new retail innovation, was invited to the Smart Retail Summit 2019 held in Shanghai recently.


Gathering the most representative and innovative retail brands and guest speakers from retail technology corporations, the summit provides a platform for sharing front-edge views and technological trend in retail field.


In the first afternoon of the summit, Enjoyce Zhu, COO of Edenred China double as principal of Loyalty Plus Academy, addressed speech on the topic of “Brands’ Digital Transformation: Powering the Whole Chain with Stock Customer”, sharing her views about how to power the retail chain with digital assistant and explore KOC in omni-channel. Edenred China also displayed the new on-line mini program Smart InChain in Tech Show, introducing the digital assistant it would provide to brands, franchisers, stores and clients.


With surveys of more than 1000 Chinese brands and companies last year, Loyalty Plus Academy found that there are 4 universal obstacles for brand channel and marketing development. Those are high cost, low flexibility, lack experience and improper management. For all those challenges, Enjoyce believes that power the retail chain with digital assistant and explore KOC in omni-channel should be the silver bullets. She proposed that brands should gain clients from omni-channel for a larger client data pool, so that the pool could provide high quality data and achieve virtuous circle.

Smart InChain, powered by AI drive data, is a new online mini program created for the whole value chain. The program will help transport information among brands, franchisers, stores and clients, forging a shared data pool, in order to improve brand operation efficiency and user experience.

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