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Fides Suite Leading the Brand Digital New Battlefield

2020-04-29 Shanghai


Recently, Edenred China has released Fides Suite family products which empower full business circles. Overturning the tradition, Fides Suite products will perfectly combine the advanced marketing technology and the master program essence, which integrate omni-channel data for brands private traffic, mine deeply into data value, and lead the brand digital new battlefield


Fides Suite product series, directly hit the brand pain point under the new retail, and break out three digital dilemmas:


Dilemma one: Channels become separated makes the brand feel isolated.


Until nowadays’ development, the brand has developed the layout of different channels from offline to online, or from online to offline, but the channels often have separated data, lacking of integration with each other, let alone the complementary to each other. E.g. Ali has the data of Ali, JD has the data of JD, and stores have the data of stores. Offline points cannot be communicated with online points, and online data cannot be fully used for member insights. Under the new retail, everything from users’ identity to purchasing behavior can be digitized, but the lack of omni-channel integrated data makes the brand cannot see clearly, merely seeing the "bust" of the consumers forever.


Dilemma two: Traffic’s loss is faster than gain.


"Traffic is the basis of all business". In the past, exposure and traffic means real benefits to the brand transformation. However, nowadays, with the continues growing of consumers' contact points, the bonus of public domain traffic tends to be exhausted. More and more brands realize that it is difficult for them to simply rely on extensive refresh to grab the attention of users, or to make use of a wave of drainage of xx section of the third-party platform. The greater of brand loving the traffic, the greater of them hating the loss. Traffic is like the three meals a day of the brand. One, lacking traffic, cannot survive.  One, having poor transformation, cannot live longer.


Dilemma three: Data cannot translate into performance growth.


The brand has never been short of data, from the original owner of the VIP address book, various Membership cards, WeChat public account fans, offline POS, mobile payment, e-commerce platform transactions etc. There is an explosion of data! But what makes the brand feel headache is the so-called separated data "island", which contains nothing is useful for the brand. There is always something missing between brand data and performance growth. What is the real valuable creativity of data?


Authoritative Release | Fides Suite product series


Fides Cloud: Omni-channel CRM for brands private traffic

An easy-to-use & all-round CRM system integrated with flexible points engine, marketing automation and smart reporting. The simple and intuitive interface design allows fast and efficient management of client data. Automated campaigns with omni-channel reach to promote business growth. Multiple visualizable reports to demonstrate marketing performance. All cover the full lifecycle of members, empowering every stage in member marketing.

Fides Clienteling: Empower the store BA to unleash their full potentials

Driven by the cutting-edge AI technology and Intelligent light application of CRM new retail technology, our solution allows seamless omni-channel data synchronization to assist precise member management for the store sales team, hence to improve member-marketing performance, create ultimate shopping experiences for customers, and ensure store KPI archived.  


Fides Portal: 24-hour portable member service closing the gap between brand and member

A mobile membership portal allowing members to check transactions, use coupons, redeem points, book appointments etc. through WeChat mini-program or mobile app. The seamless interactive between brands and members continuously increases the brand loyalty.


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About Edenred China:

Edenred China is a renowned specialist in CRM & loyalty relationship marketing and have provided numerous world top brands with one-stop loyalty marketing solutions, such as Sephora, Hagen-das and L’OCCITANE. Over the past 10 years, Edenred China has become an expert in relational marketing, focusing on providing professional CRM, loyalty and incentive programs for enterprises.

About Edenred:

The French Edenred Group (formerly Accor Services), founded in 1962, has a 50+ year history of Accor Group. In 2010, it was renamed Edenred, and it was listed on the Pan-European Paris Stock Exchange in July of the same year. In 2018, the market value reached 8 billion euros.

The Edenred Group is a global transaction management leader providing B2B2C services to enterprises, employees and merchants. Up to now, with more than 8,500 employees in 45 countries and regions, and the company manages more than 2 billion transactions per year worldwide.

For more information, please visit:  http://www.edenred.com