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Edenred China has been selected into the Top20 companies



On March 9th , 2020, PangJing ThinkTank officially released the Innovation Research in Marketing Industry, named 2020《Brand Partner 20 | 50》. Edenred China has been selected into the Top20 companies for its expertise and innovative initiatives in loyalty marketing services.


About《Brand Partner 20 | 50》

Due to the continuous innovation of the market, the whole marketing industry continues to generate the new demands and service forms. Also, the industry itself begins to split and subdivide. In order to help marketing members understand the industry layout, many major research institutions have developed various marketing pattern layout. Hence, facing a large number of suppliers, who should be selected to help the brand solve specific business problems and win more steady growth?


Under this circumstance, PangJing ThinkTank initiated a research of # Brand Partner Brand Partner 20 | 50.


Based on 287 marketing services’ evaluation data and combined with the deep interviews with the head companies and 10 major industries’ brand owners, PangJing ThinkTank selected 70 most noteworthy marketing services agencies, including [Top 20] and [Top 50].


 [TOP 20] is the leader, the cornerstone of the industry and also represents the fundamentals of the industry as a whole. The company should always maintain the leading position in the industry, which has many industry experience, undergoes many transformations and upgrades, and lets its service scope extend to the national or global market.


 [TOP 50] is the dark horse. As an innovator and game-changer in the industry, the company should find opportunities in the rapidly changing market, become the leader of the new generation under the subdivision track and lead he trend of innovation and new growth in the industry.


For having elected into the TOP20, First of all, we would like to thank the industry for its recognition of our marketing and innovation ability. In the future, we will continue to work hard to maintain the leading position in the marketing service industry, and continue to break through and become the industry innovators with courage. Meanwhile, we will maintain a consistent professional spirit, serve more brand customers, and promote the digital transformation of the entire industry.