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Edenred China won Brand Partner 20 | 50 Annual Coolest Products

2021-04-23 Shanghai


On April 15, 2021, the Digital π Chief Digital Officer Summit hosted by SocialOne ThinkTank was successfully held in Amara Signature Shanghai. Conference announced the Brand Partner 20 | 50 annual TOP20 largest companies, TOP50 finalist for the coolest products, and several themed awards that are selected after the final evaluation by offline audience.


Edenred China has been selected into the Top 20 companies for its expertise and innovative initiatives in loyalty marketing services. Edenred AI Reco-engine was selected as the TOP50 coolest products and the best customer evaluation marketing digital products.


Brand Partner refers a new phase of the relationship between the Brand and the supplier, making the traditional relationship of serving and being served transform to a long-term and mutually reliable cooperative relationship. Since 2019, SocialOne ThinkTank started to do the research on this. Because of the 2020 epidemic, they studied focused on marketing digital transformation, helping brand identification, screening of high-quality digital transformation service providers, mastering the cutting-edge tools and methods, drawing experience from successful practice and solution, and finding suitable transformation path.


SocialOne ThinkTank has organized leaders including Brand parties, platform parties and investors to set up the Brand Partner Organizing Committee. This year, the organizing committee selected 20 service providers, the 50 most notable marketing digital transformation of products and several Dimension awards from more than 170 marketing services structure declaration, eventually forming Brand Partner 20 | 50.


The TOP20 companies represented by Edenred China are the leaders and the cornerstone of the industry. It also represents the fundamentals of the industry with many years of industry experience and many times of transformation and upgrading, which has always maintained its leading position in the industry with its service scope covering the national or global market.


The high-quality products such as “Edenred AI Reco-engine” is a new current that replaces people's subjective decision making and traditional market research methods under the digital-driven marketing environment change. It has excellent professional ability and smooth and friendly experience, which optimizes the marketing decision making. The reason why Edenred AI Reco-engine can win the best customer evaluation marketing digital products is undoubtedly a refined private traffic management tool that can not only quickly create potential sales opportunities, but also enhance member loyalty and realize marketing flexibility for brand. For consumers, the intelligent customer-oriented marketing of “thousands of people and thousands of faces” makes shopping a time-saving and enjoyable personalized experience.