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Edenred China Awarded in 2019 DMAA for Sephora Case



Recently, on the ceremony of 2019 DMAA, Edenred China won the silver award of the “Customized Technology” category, for the AI Reco-engine designed for Sephora’s member marketing strategy.


With rich experience in CRM operation and keen sense of new retail development, Edenred China customized an efficient AI Reco-engine for Sephora to accurately recognize the demands of clients, which accelerates the digital transformation of the brand.


DMAA China digital marketing Award, hosted by ADTODAY, aiming to review the annual changes and development of domestic digital marketing, as well as award companies which have made prominent reform and contribution to this field in the past year. This award can be seen as a great recognition of the achievement of Edenred China in terms of digital marketing in the past year. Working with joint hands, Edenred China will make new stride in brand digital transformation with its clients in the future.