Customized CRM Solution
In-depth customization of our one-stop member marketing technology solution to address brand needs, the ideal choice of brand experts.

Customized digital marketing solution

Besides the universal solution addressing the common pain points of different industries, we focus on providing tailor-made solution to brands case by case. By the expertise on brand consulting, technology/platforms and operations.

Customized solutions

Driven by cutting-edge AI technology and seamless omni-channel data synchronization, we help stores with precise member management to improve marketing effectiveness, to create the ultimate shopping experiences for customers and to ensure store KPI deliveries.

Customized platforms

Connecting brand with the best matched platform, supporting member loyalty programs on web portals, WeChat mini-programs and mobile apps, helping brands acquire and build private traffic pools to realize the true omni-channel marketing.

We aim to assist the brands in stores and BA management, online and offline shopping scenarios integration, personalized shopping experiences creation and hence to improve customer loyalty from all aspects.

Customized modules

We offer a full range of features that are possibly required by CRM and loyalty marketing management, including member management, tier settings, member 360 view, points management, points redemption mall, customer services etc. A customizable solution can flexibly add on any module or its derivatives upon further development.

The flexible system platform is designed to meet the brands mid- to long-term growth. In combination with its 99.9% availability and secure data cloud deployment, brands can focus on their core business without extra concerns.

Customized marketing campaigns

Customizable marketing campaigns based on insights of consumers shopping behaviors and preferences. With precise targeting and reach, we significantly improve marketing performance, customer engagement and their lifecycle values.

The combination of Guess You Like and Campaign Master with AI machine learning and automated marketing campaigns can help brands achieve 4R precise marketing, i.e. Right time, Right place, Right product and Right customer.

Edenred offers one-stop closed-loop marketing plans from consumer profiling, marketing brainstorming to campaign execution and data insights.

Customized data reports

Choose reporting templates and data bites for brand. Our visualized intelligent reports are rich in information yet simple in presentation, help companies derive insights and make data-informed decisions.

5 business reports providing brands with all-round analysis, insights and recommendations:

  • Member operation report
  • Marketing campaign report
  • Channel operation report
  • Product performance report
  • Procurement guidance report

Case Study

Precise member management to deep dive into customer potentials
Hundreds of outlets
100+ campaigns per month
AI recommendation
Covering China and Asia
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