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Empower the store BA to unleash their full potentials

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Empower the store BA to unleash their full potentials

Driven by the cutting-edge AI technology, our solution allows seamless omni-channel data synchronization to assist precise member management for the store sales team, hence to improve member-marketing performance, create ultimate shopping experiences for customers, and ensure store KPI archived.

Key Features

  • From Newbie to Star BA
    The smart mobile tool helps newbies significantly improve conversion rates and sales revenues, tailoring personalized shopping experiences for different customers, ensuring KPI archived.
  • Empower Team for Full Potentials
    Re-write the conventional Top-down management model, turn the managers into designers who would incentive the BAs potentials, achieving highly controllable cost-effectiveness.
  • KPI Tracking On-the-go
    Derive deep insights from big data to present real-time reporting based on different access configurations. The management can check multi-dimensional performance reports at any time, gaining full control of the business to make informed decisions. The front-line sales staff can check personal performance and bonus, promoting beneficial in-team competition to motivate one another.
  • Personalized Smart Marketing

    continuous optimization based on AI algorithm
    personalized product recommendation
    inventory notification

  • Member Recruitment

    quick profile set-up
    member tags

  • Member Management

    member query member points
    tiers preferences birthday notify

  • Transaction History

    basket size store location
    product history

  • Member Benefits

    regular campaign coupon/discount
    on/offline promotion
    product details

  • 1-on-1 Communication

    WeChat/Line 3rd party social platform
    appointment calendar reminder
    aftersale follow-up greeting calls

  • Sales Incentive & Reward

    daily performance
    bonus ranking

  • My Tasks

    task listing task calendar
    Appointments of the day Class of the day
    Offer of the day member birthdays

  • Internal Social Network

    Corporate news
    peer social network
    online survey postings & comment

  • E-learning Platform

    skill training daily quiz
    tests FAQs
    supports multi media

  • My Profile

    notification center My activities
    My learning My posts
    My appointments My earnings

  • Performance Report

    store sales revenue
    performance comparison

  • CRM Member Report

    member recruitment
    member engagement
    members' consumption

  • Sales KPI Report

    KPI comparison
    sales ranking

  • Individual KPI Report

    KPI performance member recruit KPI
    member campaign KPI history comparison
    performance challenges

  • Ranking & Bonus

    team ranking
    individual ranking
    bonus query

Seamlessly Connecting Front- & Back-Ends

The back-end interface is developed based on cloud solutions to allow easy mobile setting, content creation, e-learning and performance dashboard tracking.
  • 100% digitalized and connected with mobile phones
  • Stable operation
  • Omni-channel online & offline integrated
  • Data safety and confidentiality
  • API-based plug & play
  • Independent accounts/passwords

Case Study

  • Hundreds of store

  • ~1,000 BAs

  • Millions of member

  • Double digit revenue growth

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