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Powerful & Agile CRM system for brands private traffic

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Omni-channel CRM for brands private traffic

An easy-to-use & all-round CRM system integrated with flexible points engine, marketing automation and smart reporting, covering the full lifecycle of members, empowering every stage in member marketing.

Key Features

  • Omni-channel member management
    The simple and intuitive interface design allows fast and efficient management of client data.
  • Campaign Automation
    Automated campaigns with omni-channel reach to promote business growth
  • Member Loyalty
    Drive close connection between members and brands to improve loyalty
  • Intelligent Reporting
    Multiple visualizable reports to demonstrate marketing performance
  • Omni-channel Integration

    TMall WeChat stores
    online stores 3rd party platforms

  • Member Recruitment

    profile import recruitment form
    member activation
    welcome gifts

  • Member 360 View

    member query member preferences
    member tags member tiers
    transaction history

  • Real-time Data Updates

    transactional data behavioral data
    points updates tiers status

  • Member Benefits

    coupon discount
    new product coupon birthday gift
    exclusive promotion

  • Loyalty & Transaction Analysis

    member contribution
    member activeness
    repeat purchase

  • Role Management

    owner mid-senior manager
    CRM manager store manager
    multi-level access configuration

To attract members to join across borders
  • WeChat

  • Ali Wangwang

  • JD

  • VIPshop.com

  • WeChat Work

  • DingTalk

  • Multi-dimensional & Segmentation

    available tags including
    transaction time location member
    tiers age etc.

  • Omni-channel Marketing Touch

    pre-defined templates
    WeChat EDM SMS/MMS
    App notification 3rd party

  • Offline Campaigns

    planning multi-tasking management
    incentive driven

  • Marketing Automation

    lifecycle management
    pre-set conditional trigger

  • Points Redemption

    encourage points consumption
    cost control

To attract members to join across borders
  • WeChat

  • Ali Wangwang

  • JD

  • VIPshop.com

  • WeChat Work

  • DingTalk

  • Points & Tiers

    points setting tiers setting
    rule setting auto calculation

  • Benefits

    cash discount coupon
    gift voucher birthday gift
    exclusive promotion

  • Gift Inventory

    gift categorization
    gift on/off shelves
    gift description

  • Redemption

    points redemption
    points calculation
    operation reporting

To attract members to join across borders
  • WeChat

  • Ali Wangwang

  • JD

  • VIPshop.com

  • WeChat Work

  • DingTalk

  • Loyalty Dashboard

    member recognition
    member insights
    member performance

  • Performance Report

    sales revenue repeat purchase rate
    activeness conversion rate
    KPI enquiry history and comparison

  • One-click Report

    key data presentation
    optimization and improvement

  • Data Export

    retention export
    business decision

To attract members to join across borders
  • WeChat

  • Ali Wangwang

  • JD

  • VIPshop.com

  • WeChat Work

  • DingTalk

Made Set-up & Operation Easier

  • Rollout fast!

    Flexibly integrate with 3rd party systems
    Manually import files & member data
    Create user accounts with specific access
    Easily set up your loyalty rules

  • Become an expert!

    Easily get your hands on the operations
    Utilize the Tips & Help Center
    Fast create highly precise campaigns
    Intelligently segment your members to auto-trigger campaigns

  • Track your ROI!

    Watch your sales grow with intelligent reporting
    Track campaign outcome with performance reporting
    Obtain data insights and optimization tips

System availability > 99.9%
The SaaS Platform Applicable to Multiple Industries

Integrated with all leading platforms, our solution help brands connect omni-channel customer information assets and build all-platform traffic pools.
  • Apparel
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Mother & baby
  • Cosmetics
  • Home
  • Education
  • Leisure & entertainmen

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Precise member management to deep dive into customer potentials
Hundreds of outlets
100 campaigns per month
AI recommendation
Covering China and Asia
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