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Data empowers full business circle to realize B2B2C brands’digitalization

Smart InChain

Data empowers full business circle to realize B2B2C brands’digitalization

AI-driven data empowers full business circle via WeChat mini-program, connecting brands, dealers, stores and consumers, filling the gaps in information flows, building shared traffic pools, and in turn improving business operation efficiency and consumer shopping experience across all aspects.

Independent WeChat Mini-Program to Create Closed-Loop

  • Brand
  • Dealer
  • Store
  • Consumer
Upgrade from conventional product provider to comprehensive service platform, gaining an easy control of business.
Step out from the stressing dilemmas and stop struggling alone by flexible application of up- and downstream information and marketing tools, upgrading business digitalization and operation efficiency.
From conventional intuitional to data-driven intelligent marketing, improving marketing efficiency and user experiences in store.
From conventional ‘lost contact after purchase’to instant reach, optimizing sustainable shopping experiences
Supply chain support
Deeper into the channels to reach dealers in lower tier cities
End consumer forecasting to improve inventory turnover rates
Brand promotion
Omni-channel integrated marketing plan
Omni-channel integrated shopping experience
Omni-channel integrated service protocols
Directly connected to the end consumer
Precise operation of consumer data
Precise marketing to improve conversion rate
Fission marketing to stimulate user acquisition
Supply chain optimization
Real-time order tracking
Real-time logistic tracking
Store inventory in sync to improve turnover and cash flow
Business process improvement
Digital management of stores to improve operation efficiency
Regulated management of stores to improve business standard
Brand-driven traffic upgrade to extend user acquisition channels
Deeply cultivate consumer assets
Precise operation of data
Independent marketing
Potential members reach and conversion
existing members operation
Instant insight into consumer data
Instant look-up into history transactions
Customer preferences insights
Customer privileges overview
Promotion plan recommendation
Mobile smart reporting
Store sales KPI reports
Individual KPI and ranking
Bonus and incentives
Standardized training
Omni-channel integrated marketing
Convenient member recruitment
Real-time updated brand marketing material database
Improve brand stickiness & loyalty
WeChat member mini-program
One click to join
Diverse marketing campaigns
Continuous brand & customer interaction
Follow up at any given point before, during or after sales
Direct consumer to brand feedback
Customer care
Store after-sale value-added service
Provide entry to closed loop marketing promotions
Access the online store at any time
Make online purchases
Share links to promote fission marketing

Case Study

  • Integrate online/offline data

  • Upgrade member benefits & exclusive events

  • Fission marketing

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