Campaign Master Shares How to Get the Most Out of CRMs
New member recruitment ∣ Existing member retention ∣ Sleeping member reactivation ∣ Prospect acquisition ∣ Member value evacuation

Member Marketing

A good member marketing system brings extraordinary benefits to brands. The key to excellent CRM member marketing management lies in the approaches of new member acquisition, existing member retention, and sleeping member reactivation.

Member Marketing Advantages

Through member marketing, brands obtain high-quality member data for their purchase behaviors and preferences insights, laying the foundation to make personalized member marketing campaigns possible.
Effective member marketing campaigns not only reduce costs, but also increases member loyalty and brand stickiness.
Good reputation will attract more potential customers in the future and become a new growth point of the brand.
Solutions are customized according to different needs of the companies and of the member marketing stages. In combination with multi-terminal products including mini-programs and others, our member marketing management solution takes care of the full lifecycle of member recruitment, activation, retention and monetization, supporting all management stages.

Member Behavioral Data Categorization

  • Recruitment
    WeChat Followers
    New Members
    2nd purchase bonus
  • Growth
    Potential Members
    Repeat purchase bonus
  • Maturation
    High Potential Members
    Upgrade bonus
    Active Members
    Shopping cart & recommendation bonus
  • Declination
    New Risk Members
    Member churn alerting
  • Sleeping
    Sleeping Members
  • Omni-channel
  • Lifecycle management
  • Real-time member interaction
  • Customized intelligent marketing
  • 1-to-1 communication
  • Member recruitment
  • Birthday gifts
  • Precise marketing planning
  • Loyalty marketing
  • Personalized experience
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