Automated Campaign Master
Low Cost High Return Significant Improvement in Member Marketing Efficiency

Marketing Automation

Through our efficient marketing automation tools, brands can significantly improve the operational efficiency of their member marketing campaigns, achieve full control over all campaign stages including planning, forecasting, execution, supervision, reporting and performance evaluation. It’s the essential tool for brand marketing management under the new retail scenarios.

How Can Edenred Help

Edenred China utilizes cutting-edge MarTech to provide efficient and intelligent tools for marketing automation. By digitalizing complex marketing management scenarios, we help brands and companies become ‘Campaign Masters’.
Campaign Launch
Quick campaign launch through automated marketing tools to ensure omni-channel reach.
Lifecycle Management
Auto-management of member lifecycles to trigger personalized marketing campaigns. Real-time data reporting to make all campaign stages under easy control.
Intelligent Self-Serve Reporting
Effective marketing performance evaluation to help brands make time-effective adjustments to marketing strategies, achieving maximized performance outcomes.
  • Smart marketing management
  • AI recommendation
  • Omni-channel traffic acquisition
  • Campaign optimization
  • Real-time marketing performance monitoring
  • Flexible customers reach
  • Marketing performance forecasting
  • Marketing process streamlining
  • Quick campaign launch
  • Precise marketing
How Edenred can help your digital transformation?
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