Revolution in Retail – The Omni-Channel Era
Integration of online and offline data through omni-channel platform to allow one-stop full-spectrum operation, providing undifferentiated new consuming experience.

Omni-Channel Integration

As the growth rate of mobile Internet users in China slows down, the online user acquisition cost continues growing. Therefore, it becomes inevitable now for brands to explore the new retail business scenario via omni-channel opportunities.

Omni-channel integration is designed to attend to the customers’ purchasing needs at anytime, anywhere, and any platform. Data are collected and integrated from multiple channels including T-Mall, JD, WeChat and official websites, ensuring the best suitable products being recommended to the consumers, and the ultimate shopping experiences improved.

  • Omni-channel CRM
  • Machine learning
  • Omni-channel touch
  • Channel integration
  • Omni-channel applications and interactions
  • Data synchronization
  • Intelligent traffic acquisition
  • Real-time data updates
  • Flexible integration with multiple platforms
  • Data-informed campaign optimization
  • Supports multiple brands/regions
  • 360° data-informed user insights

Edenred China provides effective omni-channel integration solutions to different industries. With our help, ‘New Retail’ is no longer a straightforward combination of online payment and store collection, its presence further extends to the consumer’s shopping experiences and social networks. By online and offline data integration, we redefine the interactions among people, products and venues, therefore establishing the ultimate personalized consuming experiences for brands members, upgrading the existing member marketing models, and creating new retail opportunities for brands.

Omni-Channel Case - SEPHORA

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