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Private Traffic Marketing

With the increasingly fierce competition on the traditional e-commerce platforms, benefits from public traffic domains are exhausting. More and more brands redirected their focus towards the social e-commerce sector for its significant potentials for brand-owned private traffic pools and new growth opportunities.

It is believed that data traffic will become one of the most important assets for companies in the future, and private traffic will be the key to win this game.

Edenred China surveyed more than 1000 Chinese brands and companies across different industries. We identified the common pain points and dilemmas faced by industries and brands, hence was the first to launch the solution to build private traffic pools for brands. The solution acquires consumer traffic through multiple sources, builds private traffic pools for brands through social fission marketing and other channels, empowers the full business circle via high-quality data from the traffic pools, and creates a virtuous cycle for member marketing management.

Edenred China ’Traffic Pool’ Solution

Member Recruitment
Phrase I
Brand traffic pool
Intelligent traffic acquisition
Traffic bonus
Scan QR codes for member recruitment
Member Retention
Phrase II
360° member portrait
Multi-dimensional member insights
Brand digitalization
Obtain relationship information through user fission
User Fission
Phrase III
Community marketing
Fission marketing
Automated marketing
Incentive consumptions via user analysis
Precise Marketing
Phrase IV
Brand KOL buildup
Member values improvement
Member loyalty cultivation
  • Brand traffic pool
  • Fission marketing
  • Member values improvement
  • Traffic bonus
  • Multi-dimensional member insights
  • Brand KOL buildup
  • 360° member portrait
  • Intelligent traffic acquisition
  • Community marketing
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