7/24 Close Contact Between Brands and Members
Online and offline business extension, tapping on the never-ending traffic bonus

Social CRM

With social media’s explosive development nowadays, brand marketing should be at present wherever their members are. Through integrations of the existing CRM system and all major social platforms including WeChat, brands will be able to interact with customers on real-time basis, to obtain necessary first-party data, to fast deliver marketing campaigns and to swiftly react towards their member needs.

3 Classical Scenarios of SCRM

  • 1-to-1 communication with customers
    With birthday & festival messages and personalized product recommendations, 1-to-1 BA and member communication make the customers feel special without having to visit the stores.
  • 1-to-N brand promotion and sales campaigns
    Every BA can become a brand KOL through Fides Portal mini-program or through WeChat moment posts. Brand information and sales campaigns can be effectively delivered to the members, increasing brand reputations and customer retentions.
  • Extension into member networks through social fission
    Social fission marketing campaigns not only allow members to enjoy exclusive deals, but also promote social sharing through members networks to attract more potential customers into the brands traffic pools.
Edenred China developed exclusive member marketing management mini-program for WeChat, the most popular social platform. With the help of WeChat’s gigantic user base, low cost and high level integration potential of the mini-program, brand information is accessed and communicated in a much easier way.
  • WeChat data management
  • Real-time communication with members
  • SCRM
  • Fides Portal mini-program
  • Brand stickiness improvement
  • Real-time data updates
  • Clienteling WeChat mini-program
  • Flexible industry customization
  • User experience optimization
  • Member marketing management
  • Member information
  • Social fission
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Consumers Online Stores Offline Stores BA Brands Social Communities Social CRM connects online and offline stores, closes the gap between different transaction scenarios, and brings sales performance to the next level. The social attributes exponentially spread out brand messages to make full use of the never-ending traffic bonus from social networks. By resolving the pain point of information reach, 7/24 close contact between brands and members becomes a reality.

Pain points: Brands Digitalization Journey is unclear and its Transformation moves slow

WeChat mini-programs are not super apps, they do not need to be launched after all functions being confirmed and developed. Mini-programs can be designed for single tasks or services, which then collects user behavior information, creates marketing matrix on WeChat and speeds up digital transformation for brands.

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