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Smart InStore Launched New Website



As the latest CRM4.0 family star product developed by Edenred China, Smart InStore has recently launched a new official website. 

Smart InStore’s independent website is designed with a blue-orange color as the main tone. The whole page is rigorous and simple, and it adds a waterfall-style adaptive module to make the content of the website clear and easy to read. The website publicly displays for the first time a comprehensive introduction of Smart InStore: visualized KPI, sales report, accurate member portrait, multi-scene marketing, hierarchical management... For simpler Smart InStore discovery, you can also click the demo video of Smart InStore on our website! 

In addition to the product introduction, the national recruitment plan of Edenred China for City Partners has also opened up a new section on the new independent website. 

Envisage the new Chinese retail market, Edenred China, with our mature brand management and integrated marketing service, will work with our partners to win a new retail future! 

Smart InStore