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Smart Solutions

A range of intelligent New Retail solutions for retailers and merchants

Designed to provide seamless engagement between online and offline channels and the ultimate customer experience. We offer two solutions: Smart InChain is a solution designed for the retailers and Smart InStore is a solution designed for merchants.
Smart InChainTM

Clienteling assistant unlocking retail growth

CRM4.0 solution enabling retail staff to harness omni-channel data powered by AI, & provide the ultimate personalized shopping experience to consumers. Sales staff can engage customers with 1-1 communication and personalized product recommendations. They can receive sales and personal performance reporting on a real-time KPI dashboard while receiving sales motivation, incentives and E-learning.

Smart Sales Tool

Personalized recommendations

Member recruitment & query

Member 1-1 communication

Task management

Performance Management

Sales & CRM KPI dashboard

Personal performance report

Ranking & bonus

Management Innovation

Data monetarization

Sales motivation


Sales incentive

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