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Enterprise Solutions - AI Solutions

Our Enterprise Solutions are specialist tools that can be heavily customized to meet your business needs. These are ideal for marketing professionals and specialists.

Understand your consumer and deliver precise product recommendations

Based on cluster and product association analysis, Recommendation Engine is an enhanced version of the "Guess you like" system which offers greater accuracy and convenience. 
Driven by the latest AI technology, understand the complex nature and behavior of your customer and provide precise and relevant product recommendations.

AI, Machine Learning

Personalized recommendation by machine learning

Customer intelligence based on 360 dataset

Omni-channel application and interaction

1 to 1 Communication Content

Increase communication efficiency by personalization

Make relevant offerings

Enhanced Targeted Campaign Design

Increase campaign response rate

Increase additional sales

Improve member satisfaction

Business Intelligence

Cutting edge business reporting

Supported by our BI team of data analytics and loyalty marketing experts, this is a self-serving tool for both automated, ad-hoc reporting and loyalty dashboard needs.

Holistic CRM Solution

Rich experience in CRM

Extensive understanding of client’s business


Ability to operate own Excel Power View


Save time from 2 days to 20 min

Cost-effective (time, cost, manpower)


Visualized dashboards

Report is easy to read and understand

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