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Loyalty Plus Academy - Relationship Matters

CRM has become increasingly important to brands since its inception, as more brands compete in an environment that revolves around the customer. As a leader of loyalty marketing, Edenred has been in China for more than 10 years, aiding in the introduction, development, upsurge and reform of CRM. We have helped a lot of brands transform their relationship with key stakeholders. The Loyalty Academy are a community of experts who hold events regularly throughout China to connect marketing experts from across the globe, publish research and share the latest best practice and case stories.

What do we do?

We organize CRM salons on hot topics
We release the latest research and publications on CRM, loyalty and the retail landscape
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Academy Members

  • Enjoyce ZHU

    As a founding member of Edenred China, Enjoyce is a pioneer in loyalty and CRM strategies. She provides excellent and innovative CRM strategies, improving consumer loyalty and retention rates while promoting sustainability and loyalty business practices.
  • Johann SUCHON

    International Consultant
    As the soul of Edenred China, Johann is a recognized CRM expert with more than a decade of experience. He works at the headquarters in Singapore and is the Managing Director of Edenred China & HK, the Asia-Pacific Marketing Services Support Managing Director, and the Global Rewards Managing Director.
  • Delphine LI

    Principal Consultant
    Delphine Li has over 10 years of experience in marketing strategies and in the field of CRM management. She is the leader of a critically acclaimed team.

Loyalty Academy Events

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