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Identify, measure and improve your relationship marketing efficiency

Edenred China are experts in CRM, loyalty and Martech solutions. Together we bring you specialized tools and know-how to identify , measure and improve relationship marketing program efficiency.

Data consulting

Our data experts ensure your data is collected using the most efficient methods and provide actionable insights to drive business growth.


Member profile

Interest & hobby

Transactional behavior

Campaign preference

Social behavior

Member survey

Customer service record

Life cycle


Member sales performance analysis

Repeat purchase analysis

New member performance

Campaign report

Member activeness analysis

ROI analysis

Machine learning


Member segmentation

Product association

Personalized recommendation


Project operation

Plan optimization

Marketing automation

Recommendation engine

Business consulting

Strategy Consulting
We are here to identify and solve your business needs by understanding your requirements and designing a bespoke solution. Our team of dedicated consulting CRM and Loyalty experts can advise on the strategy you should take from positioning, to recruitment, segmentation, campaign and communication strategy. We will apply a winning methodology that will help you.
Tactical Consulting
Our consulting team can provide detailed implementation and tactical consulting, so you can efficiently put into action a high level solution that is tailored to your needs. We can provide rules, process design and tactical planning from our proven methodology.

Edenred's proven menthodology

Trust 6© Matrix

Trust 6© Matrix can help you identify to what extent,how,why and when your clients or partners trust you (or not...)
5.Open to Change

RPV© Matrix

RPV© Matrix can help make the program Recognized in the market, create Pride and maximize the Value of membership.
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